One minute improvisation collective

On Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020 I took a one minute audio recording of a section of my daily exercise and used that as a provocation for a mini improvisation, then layered the 2 audio files together.

The idea is that I create a compilation of these, adapting the Lumiere Rules to create a format for audio submissions from friends which is:
– it has to be 1 minute in duration – audio only
– the first layer has to be some kind of exercise (ideally outdoors) – walk, run, skip etc.
– then add 1 minute of single instrument improv over the top
– no effects (mutes allowed for the improv, I mean no techy effects)
– no additions.

730am Sunday 12 April 2020 – run with solo trumpet improvisation – by Thea Behrman

The starting point for this piece was the breath and physical effort required to run. The recording taken on my run features two simple exchanges of ‘morning’, the first is left hanging in the air with no response, the second receives a strong clear response from a male voice, which incidentally echoes the tonality of the incessant WhatsApp notifications that chime on my phone. These exchanges were particularly poignant as a rare connection across physical space with strangers, albeit at a distance.

The improvisation layered over the run recording is performed on solo trumpet with harmon mute. It begins by echoing the tonality of the ‘morning’ exchanges, which are then developed through inversions and repetitions. However eventually the muted trumpet cannot escape the relentless rhythm of the running feet, which ultimately suck the solo instrument into their intoxicating grasp.

A growing collective

11:11 am 25 april 2020 – walk in the woods + mbira double improvisation – by Michael Szpakowski

60 seconds walking in the woods recording on my phone; a mbira improvisation recorded against that; another mbira improv recorded against that.

New submissions

New one minute improvisations that fit the guidelines detailed on this page will be added on an ongoing basis. Contact me via the social links on this site if you would like to submit a piece to the collective.

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